Species Serval
Business Candlesticks

Derrick is a serval merchant who sells candlesticks--never candles, only sticks. For the most part, he speaks in fairly coherent Sands Vernacular. He also inserts "r"s into his words seemingly at random, especially after words that end in vowel sounds.

Personality Edit

Derrick can come across as rather arrogant. In reality, he thinks very highly of everyone, often addressing his customers as "Blessed Customer". He appears to be very religious, but it is unclear what exactly that religion is. He seems to worship sounds in some capacity, or at the very least he considers them sacred. Derrick has very few survival skills due to his upbringing.

Appearance Edit

Derrick is a simple serval.

History Edit

Derrick has no memory of his family. He was raised as a house pet before escaping and journeying to the Sandsverse. He experienced a vision of "Most Beuatous Sounds" upon his arrival in the Sandsverse.