Donny Sweetpea "Uncle Donalt" Donny is a white rhinoceros that sells sand.


Donny looks a white baby rhinoceros, and that's probably because he is!


Donny can be confrontational, full of himself, and a little hard-headed. Despite showing enough intelligence to perform magic, he clearly doesn't think things through. Despite his rude nature, Donny has shown that he cares for those who reciprocate kindness to him, and tries to adress his fans and friends as politely as he can. Mentioning Seymour is a sore point for him, not because the two have a history, but because he is frequently accused of simply being a rip-off of Seymour (which he kind of is).


Donny was born 50 B.C. in lower Ethiopia, like any normal rhinoceros would be. When he was young his father takes him to Jerusalem, where he just witnesses the birth of Jesus Christ. Later in life, Jesus grants Donald's father immortality for being such a goodboy via a life-giving orb the size of a bead. Before his father can use the orb however, Aaron kills his father, supposedly because he forgot to return something to him. Donny takes the orb and goes into hiding for several thousand years, supposedly witnessing important events, making a living by selling sand and learning witchcraft, eventually hexing his sand with a "Life Time Guarantee" that makes it burn your intestines if digested. Six years ago he found Peanut, a young orphaned rhinoceros, and took him under his wing like a brother. More recently, he took the hex off of his sand because it began to grow and come to life.

Relationships Edit

Donny is considered a nuisance by most of the vendors.