Gimmy, Big Danger Caiman Hunk
Species Caiman
Business Oranges

Gimmy is a caiman who runs the Kingdomme of the Groves Of Eurasia (Not to be confused with actual Eurasia). He has a known hatred for French onion soup and has a weakness to thyroxine.

Appearance Edit

Gimmy is a caiman who used to be of rather large stature, but after his chimney ascent, he shrunk, condensing his power. When Gimmy "Slipps And Anger Node," he grows tremendously, and takes on an appearance strikingly similar to Godzilla from the 2014 film.

Personality Edit

Gimmy seems to be very confident in his abilities. He is extremely prideful of his massive jaw. Gimmy also shows acute hostility to his foes and can lose his temper, which may lead to the slipping of his Anger Node. Gimmy is apparently quite knowledgeable; he allegedly skipped school because he knew everything. He has demonstrated a strange fondness in "Chese Snacks(Organism)." Gimmy is the king of the Eurasian Gorves, and must hold much power, because he banned an anonymous user for even mentioning the name of the anime, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Gimmy says he "Does Not Know What Fear Is" and that he only cried during the Nipulation of Elon Musk.

History Edit

Not much is known about Gimmy's origins, but he must be very old, because he claims that he was at the creation of man, stating that he remembers it like it was yesterday. Gimmy has several rivalries, too, in the forms of Sneet, Gordon Ramsay, and Chris Harrison. Sneet is implied to have been a long time nemesis, who was killed, and then revived, then killed again. The same goes for Gordon Ramsay, except he still appears to be alive. Chris Harrison appears to all as a good person, but Gimmy seems to know his "secret."