Appearance Edit

Henry is usually portrayed as a Rhinoceros Snake, have "horns" towards the tip of his nose, but varies in species of Snake when seen.

Other than being a snake, he has no other distinguishable features.

About Edit

Henry tries to keep to himself, selling his wares and occasionally interacting in the sands.

Though he is seen as somewhat of a recluse, he has gained some friendships within the sands from the likes of his adopted siblings, Telly (A bone selling hyena or bonesales100) and Rick (A moss selling alligator/crocodile or mossvendor100), and his main customer, Jerry (A record selling Ferret or recordsforcheap2012). He also introduced the sands to Trevor (A house plant selling Koala or houseplants100), who he keeps in close communication with.

He has no known blood family ties or relationships.

Typing Quirk Edit

When Henry first appeared in the sands, he spoke through broken English:

"Snake Henry save now and listen when back home 

Thank ferret friend" - Henry upon receiving an original track from recordsforcheap2012

But as of August 18, 2015, he has changed to speaking in normal tone, with standard English.

Past & Childhood Edit

Henry was birthed from an egg in the care of the one known as "The Old Mother" along with Rick and Telly. Though Rick and Telly are the ones that guide him, he is the oldest of the bunch. After an incident at his championship baseball game (where he was crowned champion), he lost his memory of the remainder of his childhood, and was put into a coma until his college years. Rick and Telly are continuously attempting to return his memories.

Henry attended Shimmer University with Rick and Baron (jarsandbuckets100), but spent an incredible amount of time in his studies, so he went unnoticed by the remainder of the community. Come graduation day, he was to be labeled valedictorian, but lost his title after an anger induced rampage around the campus, after receiving a C on a sociology test. He was not seen on graduation day. Though he does hold a masters in Environmental Science, he sees himself as a failure, and chose to do business in the sands, instead of the sciences.

Life Events (Within the Sands) Edit


The Death of The Old Mother

Henry's Broken Sanity

Realtionships Edit

Rick - Henry's adopted Crocogator Sibling

Telly - Henry's adopted Hyena Sibling

Frederik - A badger who is a friend/enemy to Henry

Jerry - Henry's close friend and main customer

Samiran - Henry's main adversary

Trevor - Another close friend to Henry