Humble Towel Vendor
Species Hippo
Business Towels

A humble Hippo who sells towels, Mungus is very large indeed and owns a pistol of unknown make and model, although he refers to it as his 'Custom Crumby Jim 2329 Pistol' which holds eight bullets. Nobody knows if they are real.

Mungus originally traveled to the Sands in the hopes of becoming a successful leaf vendor. Unfortunately, the market was already dominated by the time of his arrival. In response, Mungus decided to sell towels.

He sells both warm and "worm" towels.

He also takes care of his son (?) Rombo, a quiet and reserved hippo child of 3 years.

Mungus has large hands and eats a lot, so his typing comes out mangled, but in an endearing kind of way. Some of Mungus' favorite pastimes are playing Go Fish or Monopoly, speaking with other sandsverse merchants, and enjoying a hearty laugh. He's very good friends with Octavius the tapir, as well as Kasdan, a small red bird who sells dice. When Kasdan moved to the sandsverse, Mungus tried his best to become friends, and now they are good buddies. For some reason, though, he does not get much business and has a strange disliking to Seymour the tapir.

Extra Trivia:

-Few know this, but Mungus' last name is Chipton, although it is information he prefers to keep secret. This, however, is something nobody understands.

-Mungus and Octavius, on multiple occasions, have been attacked by Chester the Cheetah, who they refer to as 'Dusty Boy'. Dusty Boy can regularly be seen on his motorcycle.

-Mungus regularly hosts 'Monoboly Night' in which he, Kasdan, and Barb play monopoly. Of course, he supplies drinks and snacks.