Oswald In His Most Common Form
Species Pangolin
Business Dust

Oswald (Full Name: Vivalde "Oswald" Hydrocortizone Dustyboy) is a Pangolin who sells dust. He is the adopted father of Gary and Husband of Aaron, the uncle of the Pangolin Philippe, as well as the brother of another Pangolin named Thompson. Oswald speaks in standard Sands Vernacular, albeit with scatterings of shakespearean language. Oswald resides in an apartment in Greenland, the specific location of which remains undisclosed. For reasons unknown, Oswald has an especially strong hatred for Anime, especially the popular idol anime Love Live. Oswald also was a frontline combatant in an armed conflict known as "The Anime Wars", along with the Binturong Bethany.

Appearance Edit

Oswald is a Giant Ground Pangolin who posesses scales of a dull brown-orange color. Oswald has a very long tongue and no teeth. In more recent posts, Oswald's physical appearance has changed. His right arm has been replaced with an advanced robotic prosthetic, and he has generally increased in size.

Personality Edit

Oswald is a typically well-meaning Pangolin who cares for his friends, family, and customers (who he refers to as "Discipels"), however, Oswald is still something of a mischief-maker, as he frequently instigates conflict and also insults many of his fellow vendors.

History/Origins Edit

Oswald is an incredibly ancient being, claiming to have been born on the date of "Pseudo-Year Cosmic Ϡ" when he was birthed from the "Holy Slermpch". In his early years, Oswald discovered a "Cairn" in which he gained his ability to sell and manipulate dust, despite him abandoning it. Oswald also claims to have negotiated the peace treaty with Phraetes V on the Banks of the River Euphrates in the year BCE 1, as well as claiming to have fought in World War I in the trenches. Oswald also claims that he "created" music in 2001. Oswald also supposedly traveled back in time and murdered Ronald Reagan, his archrival, who later came back from the dead and stole something of Oswald's.


With Aaron:  Oswald and Aaron are married, as well as being very good friends. The two also fought together in the Holy Wars against Ronald Reagan, as well as against the Dark God that Aaron summoned. They have a shared care for their adopted son, Gary. 

With Oliver: Little is known about Oliver and Oswald's relationship, except that they are fairly good friends. They frequently call on one another for aid in dealing with their problems. Recently, however, a rift formed in Oliver and Oswald's friendship when Oswald stole Oliver's much-valued tusks. The two eventually went to war over this conflict.

With Gary: Gary and Oswald have a typical Father/Son relationship, but Oswald does slightly dislike Gary's rowdy teenage habits.

With Roberta: Roberta and Oswald are friends, despite how often they argue. Oswald also possesses some level of deference to Roberta, as she is the rightfully-elected President of Albania