Roberta is a basilisk lizard who sells vests.

Chevalier Of Warm Clothing's
Roberta J. Lizard
Species Basilisk Lizard
Business Vests

Appearance Edit

Roberta has the appearance of a typical basilisk lizard.

Personality Edit

Roberta is shown to be very prideful, often boasting about her size and power. In spite of this, she is easily offended by insults and has repeatedly threatened to gunch others for insulting her. This may indicate that her prideful persona is merely a facade.

Despite all this, Roberta does have a softer side. She has several friends whom she cares deeply about, the closest of these being her business partner Santiago.

History Edit

Roberta's history is a long and violent one. In the year 340 BC, she was manifested into physical form by the Olmec Empire's high priests. 22 years later, her brother Flavius was crafted from molten iron by Akkadian cultists.

Sometime after, Roberta was crowned God-Empress of the Olmecs. In the year 52 BC, she then declared war on the powerful demon known as The Chunger only to have the entire Olmec empire Chunged at once. Despondent at the loss of her beloved empire, Roberta fell into a deep depression. But this was not to last: Roberta's adoptive mother, Olivia, found her in the liminal space and took Roberta to live with her in the Archaic Spiral.

Feeling ready to start anew, Roberta enrolled in The Academy in the year 0 AD.. 15 years later, she graduated and joined the Carthaginian Army in the 8th Punic War. This is where she met the ferocious Roman commander, "Santiago the Destroyer", who would later become her best friend and most trusted ally. After the war, Roberta returned home to the Archaic Spiral, with Santiago in tow. They employed several thousand faithful legionarres to build a new astral empire.

But this peace was not to last. In the year 31 AD, she recruited the traitorous John Cancalosi into her growing empire. Cancalosi rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Roberta's most trusted adviser. For unknown reasons, John Cancalosi betrayed Roberta in the year 42 AD, killing 10 trillion of Roberta's lizard soldiers. As punishment, Roberta imprisoned Cancalosi in the Shadow Realm, where he remains to this day.

Long after this betrayal, in the year 1531, Roberta and Santiago decided to start anew and open up a vest shop. The shop remains open to the public.

Relationships Edit

With Aaron: Aaron and Roberta seem to have a friendly rivalry. They frequently make jokes at each other's expense, yet are always there to help each other if the situation demands it.

With Oliver: Oliver and Roberta are close friends. Although they had a rocky relationship at the start due to to Roberta accusing Oliver of being an agent of Cancalosi, the two seem to have worked out their differences.